Event information

The BEHAVE Conference 2023 will be held at:

MECC Maastricht
Forum 100, 6229 GV Maastricht

Main entrance
Next to P4

Parking is at your own expense. If you want to reserve a parking space in advance, click here.

The nearest parking lot to the main entrance (Hoofd Entree) is P4.

Congress Centre | Level 0

Congress Centre | Level 1 

The meeting point will be a place where you can easily arrange to meet people, have a coffee and share experiences, and for questions you may have. 

The meeting point will be located next to the praetorium and will be recognisable by the icon above.

All catering at Behave conference is vegetarian. If you have specified an allergy or dietary preference when registering, we will try to take this into account as best as possible. Please mention this to the catering staff, they will assist you.

Practical information

The fastest way to MECC Maastricht

Hotels near MECC Maastricht with discounted rates.

Only available for accepted participants with accescode

 Maastricht is all about coming together, special memories, and heartwarming moments. Enjoy and let yourself be amazed.


We aim to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.

MECC Maastricht has been awarded the Green Key Gold Label. This Green Key Gold Label is confirmation that, in its business operations, MECC Maastricht takes optimal account of the consequences of its actions for the environment and society. 

The municipality of Maastricht is aiming for a 100% climate-neutral Maastricht by 2030. This requires the use of (renewable) energy from sun, wind and water and to reduce the use of oil and gas. Under the banner of the Maastricht Energy Agreement, the municipality, companies, organizations and residents work together on the Climate Neutral ambition in 2030. MECC Maastricht engaged by singing this agreement as one of the first supporters. 

There are 1,054 solar panels on the roof of MECC Maastricht, covering a surface of 3000 m2 of roof. The system produces 278450.000 kWh, thus provides approximately 13% of the total electricity requirement of the MECC. This is comparable to the annual electricity supply of more than 125 Maastricht households. The solar panels ensure a CO2 reduction of about 140 tons per year. 

Recycling bins are available throughout the venue to make it easy to choose to recycle. MECC Maastricht makes sure that this is being recycled accordingly. 

Containers will be supplied for all coffee grind waste at the event to be recycled. Zwamburg will be using WOC coffee grind waste as fertilizer for their oyster mushrooms.