BEHAVE 2023 is the 7th edition of the biannual EnR event focusing on the application of behavioural insights in energy efficiency and climate mitigation. As an important conference for national energy agencies in Europe, BEHAVE provides a unique forum for policymakers, academia, industry and practitioners to share ideas and experiences in promoting effective solutions for reducing CO₂ emissions and climate mitigation.

BEHAVE 2023 strives to make a real difference and contribute to the transition to a carbon neutral future. We look forward to welcoming you to this inspiring event to be held in where the European Treaty became a reality – Maastricht!


There will be a variety of parallel sessions, plenary keynotes, lectures, presentations in different approaches.
The focus of BEHAVE 2023 is to have many interactive sessions and panel discussions to learn from each other and to make new contacts.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023
12:00 - 18:00
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
09:30 - 18:00

For whom?

All stakeholders who have a relation with behaviour change in energy ranging from academia (universities, knowledge institutes), representatives from government, industry, business to citizens and energy communities.

Why should you attend?

Get updated on the latest research developments in behaviour change in relation to energy and climate change and in particular in relation to the energy and climate crises.

Discover new insights of behaviour change research which can help speed up achieving the climate goals (for example embeddedness of individual behaviour in the larger system, the role of women in the energy transition, to name but a few). The time has come to help make a real impact.

Connect with stakeholders from different disciplines

  • the social scientists, researchers (academia) in behaviour change and practitioners within governments, business and other relevant organisations
  • the younger and older generations who are working in research and applications of behaviour change 
  • scientists within different disciplines/ faculties

Great network opportunity. Meet up with stakeholders from all over Europe and beyond.

Participation is free of charge. 


  • To share the latest research insights and application developments that are aimed at addressing the energy and climate crises through behaviour change;
  • To promote and put into practice the knowledge and research from the scientific community;
  • To showcase new insights into behaviour change research that can help speed up achieving the climate goals; 
  • To promote multi- and transdisciplinary approaches by enhancing cooperation between researchers in behaviour change and practitioners within governments, business, and other relevant organisations;
  • To expand the network of scholars, professionals and policymakers that work on behaviour change for sustainability;
  • To encourage and empower researchers to conduct research in practically relevant settings;
  • To develop a research agenda with academics, practitioners and policymakers, not only on a European and national level, but also on a local and regional level.

Combining multiple perspectives on an issue often results in more realistic and impactful solutions. The conference thus aims to support and empower inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations as to promote the application of research insights into practice. We strive to enhance cooperation between:

  • social scientists in behaviour change and employees (among others behaviour change advisors) within governments, business and other relevant organisations;
  • all generations who are working in research and applications of behaviour, in particular the often under-represented younger and older generations
  • scientists within different disciplines. 

Thematic Topics

     a. Energy communities;
     b. Public participation in policy and decision-making;
     c. Public participation in the development and implementation of energy solutions;
     d. Citizen science;
     e. Peer-to-peer trading.

     a. Energy efficiency; 
     b. Flexibility and demand-response;
     c. Energy curtailment;
     d. Low carbon technology;
     e. Energy policy (e.g., carbon tax, subsidies);
     f. Sufficiency.

     a. Removing or reducing barriers to behavioural change;
     b. Collective action;
     c. Creating new sustainable habits and practices;
     d. Education and intermediaries;
     e. Policies;
     f. Water efficiency.

     a. The role of women and of the younger generation in the energy transition;
     b. Behaviour insights and interventions to mitigate energy poverty;
     c. Behavioural change in rental housing.

     a. Set default in thermostats, role of algorithms.

Background and Motivation

Behave provides a unique forum for policymakers, academia, industry and practitioners to share ideas and experiences on energy behaviour change in the scope of the energy transition to promote effective solutions for reducing CO₂ emissions and mitigating climate change. 

Behavioural and life-style changes are essential to mitigate and adapt to climate change and to achieve a successful energy transition. To achieve the necessary changes, insights into energy and behaviours, and the factors that drive and influence energy behaviours are urgently needed, as well as knowledge on how to implement such insights into interventions and policy.  It is important that Governments, industry, business, academics and citizens all gain know-how to engage in energy behaviour change. In addition given the scope and impacts of climate change and the energy transition, multi- and transdisciplinary collaborations are needed to acquire more holistic and feasible solutions.  

Behave 2023 will focus on scaling-up behaviour change in the light of the energy and climate crises and follows the UN-Climate conference (COP28) to be held the week prior to Behave 2023. 

It is through this conference that the EnR network strives to scale-up behaviour change, to speed up the pace and to make an impact. Let us learn from the energy and climate crisis, the pandemic, the tragic war in Ukraine and join forces all around the world to learn from successful approaches in changing our behaviour. We hope that this conference will inspire and help us to make a real difference in an attempt to sustain the energy transition and reduce CO₂ emissions. Urgent and drastic action is needed.


The BEHAVE Conference 2023 will be held at MECC Maastricht.