Date & Time
Wednesday, November 29, 2023, 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
0.5 Paris
Interactive Panel: Hard to reach energy users around the world. How do different sectors and countries engage them?

Following a quick introduction on hard-to-read (HTR) energy users by the HTR Task Leader of the Users TCP by IEA, this panel of experts from around the globe looks to answering some of the most difficult questions related to equitably designing programmes and policies that won't overlook anyone:

1) Who are the HTR energy users you / your country is trying to engage and how are they identified?

2) What are the different approaches to engage HTR energy users - from an industry, government, research or community perspective?

3) What are some unintended consequences you have encountered in your research / work when marginalised / underserved voices weren't considered in policy, programme or research design?

We hope to engage the audience interactively to answer the same questions.

Panellists and their papers (which will be touched on but not presented in full) are:

The danger of calling underserved and hidden energy users 'hard-to-reach' * Sea Rotmann, HTR Task

Better engaging undeserved energy users early learning from US and Canada * Hammad Chaudry, US

Designing a gender-just energy policy: mapping the mindsets of Dutch municipal policy workers on mitigating energy poverty * M. Feenstra, NL

The tension between energy hardship policy and behaviour change* Nina Campbell, NZ

How can energy demand research advance racial justice? * U. Narayan, UK

* João Pedro Gouveia, PO

Hosted by
Sea Rotmann